Burning Man Trailer Rentals Re-Imagined Camper Trailers for Burning Man


“Playa Slumlord” is a small cooperative of Burning Man affecionados who have created “Art to Live In” trailers to make life in the Black Rock Desert more bearable. We deliver your Playa Home to you and pick it up......you just have to have fun. We are there at the event with you to help with any contingencies in the harsh desert environment. Our price includes delivery and pickup. "Early entry" is available at no additional fee. Your trailer will be delivered will a full ( non-potable ) water tank and propane. We follow all BLM rules and the Burner Ethic of "Leave No Trace"


Playa Slumlord

Phone: 239-321-3094

Website: https://www.playaslumlord.com/


2001 Highway 34
Iveson Ranch
Gerlach, Nevada 89412
United States