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For Travelers:

Here you can place and find special deals offered by our RV Park owners and other website members. Use the search bar to search deals and parks in the area you will be camping in. Deals are a great way to stretch a dollar on your next RV vacation. There is no need to break the bank every time you need a break. Search for deals now on RV Park Connection.

When you claim a deal on RV Park Connection you and the RV Park Owner will receive a confirmation code that you can use to redeem the deal. All deals listed on RV Park Connection are provided by separate entities therefore preventing responsibility of enforcing and/or honoring claims and/or agreements made by third parties on RV Park Connection to fall upon RV Rental Connection, INC., its employees, and its affiliates. RV Rental Connection maintains the ability to approve and remove any and all deals that do not reflect the best interests of the company, its customers, and users alike.

For RV Park Owners:

If you have a special sale, price reductions, or seasonal offerings and other specially priced items list them here in our deals marketplace. When you claim your RV Park, Resort, or Campground you get a certain number of deals that you can associate with your Park Listing. Deals are a great way to promote your event and increase the visibility of park on the web. Draw more of the RVing Community by linking deals to your RV Park Connection Listing.

All deals will be subject to approval prior to going live on RV Park Connection/RV Rental Connection. Place your special deal here with us now.

With RV Park Connection Deals you can:

  1. Set the number of customers that can claim that deal
  2. Set the time frame that the deal is available
  3. Write out the details and conditions of your deal
  4. Receive a unique confirmation code sent to both you and the user